Prof. Melissa Kacena

Dr. Kacena is the Director for Basic and Translational Research and a Professor in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at IU School of Medicine.  Her laboratory’s overall research goal is to improve the understanding of the interaction of the bone and hematopoietic systems, thereby potentially improving the treatment of metabolic bone disease, hematopoietic disorders, and fracture healing. In collaboration with NASA and the US Army Center for Environmental Health Research, Dr. Kacena has been investigating the impacts of spaceflight and drug therapies on bone healing (launched February 19, 2017 on SpaceX-10) and osteoblast function (to be launched 2019/2020). Dr. Kacena’s laboratory has been funded since 2007 by the National Institute for Health, the Department of Defense, the US Army, the Veteran’s Affairs, and several foundations. In 2017, the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research recognized Dr. Kacena’s scientific contributions to the bone and mineral field by presenting her with the esteemed Fuller Albright Award.

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